Tuesday, January 5, 2010

feeling the heat....

As I grew, I started to liked her more and more. I would find every excuse to see her, whether by going to school early or wait on my porch for her to go shopping or go to her friend's house. Every sound of her house's metal door will pull me on my porch. My mom and sisters started to watch me since this was unusual, but it did not bothered me.

I kept eye on her pretty much whole time, where is she going, what is she doing, what is she wearing, what is she reading, what is she eating, who is she talking to. And now, my few friends also started noticing. They were our - my and Remee's common friend and his sister. Finally they asked me whether I am interested and would like them to help me. I was shy and I said, "No, I am not interested." But they did figured out.

They started calling her to their house whenever I was there, which actually increase my attraction. Summer of 1987 was probably the turning point. It was our summer vacation before 10th grade. We spent pretty much entire summer. We played Cricket together, cards, hang out at parks, inside the house in the scorch hot afternoon, drank lemon soda, eat Samosa. And.... then summer was over. We went back to school. This was the most important year for me in the school. I wanted to good in the school so I can stay at the same school for 11th and 12th science.

But it was not easy. All the fun in the summer had doubled my attraction. Top of that, now we are going to same tuition class everyday in the morning at 6 and I am sitting right behind her in the class. By this time, pretty much all my friends knew what's going on. I kept denying but it did not help. I was not able concentrate on my study at all. I would stay awake till midnight but my mind was in Remee.

And now, we had trimester exams. I failed in 1 subject.

This was devastating.

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