Thursday, September 3, 2009


We have known each other for long time, precisely, since we were kids. We lived in same neighbourhood, community about 1000 ft away divided by a two lane road. One side of the road, houses were from middle class and other side of the road where she used to leave were from upper middle class --- sort of.

She was a grand daughter of well known doctor and I was --- well let's just say we were hardly able to keep up with daily needs.

I never thought about talking to her let alone romancing with her.

We used to play cricket together. I remember one afternoon, there was a cricket match between kids from my side of the house and her side of house and they needed one player. She agreed to play the match along with her brother and cousin. She was lefty. We play right infront of my house. My team won the match and one dollar !!!
I believe I was 10 year old and that was the first time I was sort of attracted to her. I don't think I knew anything about love, relationship etc etc etc at that time. It was just a childhood attraction.

Since then whenever she would pass by my house to go to her best friend, I would peep her going.
This continued till I was in 8th grade - 12-13 year old. I guess by that time, I come to know littel bit about love, girls but did not have courage to talk to her. I mean I used to go to her house with other kids to play with her brother and cousin, but some how did not talk to her. Other friends would talk to her but not me. And for some strange reason, she also did not initiated anything even though we will play together.

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